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Category: Glaucoma

Dr. Sahar Bedrood, MD, PhD gives us insight on some of the most frequently asked questions regarding a frequently misunderstood disease.

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- [Interviewer] So what questions do patients frequently ask you regarding glaucoma?

- [Interviewee] So, in regards to glaucoma, they ask me a few questions. One of them is, "If I start eye drops, do I have to be on them for the rest of my life?" And my answer, of course, it depends on the type of glaucoma, why you got started. But let's say you have plain old open-angle glaucoma. Yes, drops are a lifetime commitment. Other questions that I get is, "If I have lost vision, can I regain it?"

And the question, unfortunately, is no. If you have had a loss of vision, all of that, that's like nerve tissue, so when you damage that, you really can't get it back. Another question I get asked is whether or not the patient can tell if the pressure is higher or low. And my answer is that, no. If it is really high and it suddenly goes high, yes, you can get eye pain.

You can get nausea. But a large majority of our patients will not know if the pressures are in the, you know, in the teens, or in the twenties, which still can be damaging to their eyes, but they just won't notice it. So again, frequent eye checks are key to this.

- And it's not like when something's wrong you get eye pain most of the time?

- Yeah, yeah. And you can get eye pain with certain types of glaucoma, you certainly can. And you certainly can get pain with very high pressures in the eye, but a large majority of patients can have super, super high pressures for them to notice that kind of pain.