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RIC founders Tom S. Chang, MD and Michael Samuel, MD discuss how Acuity 360's technology alters the landscape of the eye care industry by allowing us to diagnose a number of diseases including diabetes, diabetic retinopathy, macular tumors, glaucoma, cataracts, and more with ease, efficiency, and accuracy.

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♪ [music] ♪ - [Dr. Samuel] Welcome to Acuity 360 Advanced Vision Center. My name is Dr. Michael Samuel.

- [Dr. Chang] I'm Dr. Tom Chang, and we're the co-founders of Acuity Eye Group. What we tried to do was try to understand how we could use technology better. We realized that over the last 10 years there's really been explosion in technology that has been able to pick up disease in a far more sophisticated manner. It's really reached a point where technology is better at diagnosing disease than humans are.

You can separate normal patients from patients with disease with much more ease and accuracy with technology, with machinery.

- So, our concept of Acuity 360 Advanced Vision Centers is take the best technology that's available to give you the most comprehensive exam that you can have without drops, without dilation, and with the convenience and ease that has never been achieved before.

- That's one of the key things that Mike brought up, which is we want convenience. What we realize is that people don't want to get eye exams. In fact, 6% of the population are walking around with potentially blinding conditions, but they don't know because they haven't been examined. And what we've done is, we've taken the technology that doesn't require you to be dilated, so you're not blurred for the rest of the day.

We've taken this technology to commercial sites, so that in malls, in retail locations, so the patients can have ease of access and really taken away all of the excuses that conventionally are brought up in terms of why people don't get eye exams.

- So, let's talk about some of the diseases that we can diagnose. The most common cause of blindness in younger Americans is diabetes. The number one cause of blindness in older Americans is macular degeneration, both of which can be picked up with today's exam. We also check for glaucoma, cataracts, to take your pressure in the eye. We can look at the peripheral retina, we can look at the central vasculature. We can look at the peripheral tears, detachments, front of the eye disease, dry eyes, cataract staging, really a thorough comprehensive experience.

We hope you enjoy your experience at Acuity 360 today, and we hope that you'll tell your friends and families about this new technology.