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Category: Glaucoma

Dr. Sahar Bedrood discusses what glaucoma is, its first signs, and when to come in for a glaucoma screening.

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Glaucoma is a disease of the optic nerve. Think of the optic nerve as a cable that connects our eye to our brain, and that cable in glaucoma degenerates, it thins out over time and that leads to vision loss and visual field defects. It really starts out as vision loss in the periphery. You know, if you're looking straight on, the periphery's always a little bit blurry anyway so that's why people don't really notice that they have glaucoma until it's really advanced and they have more of a tunneling of their vision and they start to see the shadows or the greyness that comes with glaucoma.

And so oftentimes, patients will not notice it. So the importance of getting screenings, coming in, getting a visual field, getting pictures of their nerve, and a full examination by us is really important, especially if there's a family history in a first-degree relative. Like a mother, a father, or a sibling, if they have glaucoma, then it's really important that you get screened for it as well.