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Category: Meet Your Doctor

Dr. Sahar Bedrood of Acuity Eye Group relays advice to young women aspiring to be doctors, and to anyone who has ever had a dream.

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I oftentimes have young female students and medical students come up and talk to me and ask me about their goals and how they can get into med school and a lot of, you know, kind of personal facts about like, "How can I do this?" And my number one advice to them is to, first and foremost, embrace it wholeheartedly.

If you're going to do something, do with all that you are and all that you can be because the reality is that getting into medical school and residency, these are difficult things to do. And if there's a moment of doubt in your mind that, "Oh, like, this is not for me and I can't do it," or, "It's too hard," then you're going to cower to that doubt. And so my advice is to really be strong, move forward.

If it's something you really love, then nothing can get in your way. And my other advice is to always remember that life goes on and you can't pause life and stop doing things for 10 years just because you're in training. You really want to embrace all the beautiful things that are going around daily in your own personal life with your family and also embrace your work.

And as you get older in your years of training, you can learn to really compartmentalize and see what's important on certain days and what's important on other days. Sometimes, I have people ask me, you know, "How can you be a good mother and a good doctor at the same time?" And my answer is, at the exact same time, it's almost impossible to be both. But there are days and moments where you are the better doctor because you're there for your patients, you're answering calls, you're on call, and then there are moments where you are definitely the better mother in that moment.

And that there's like an ebb and flow to the way that life works, and how you respond to it is really importan