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Category: Glaucoma

While Glaucoma cannot be cured, several treatments are available ranging from eye drops to surgery. In this video, Pomona and Los Angeles Glaucoma Specialist Dr. Bedrood discusses the various treatment options available for glaucoma.


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Sahar Bedrood, MD, PhD: Glaucoma can be treated. There are number of treatment modalities. While we know that we can't cure glaucoma and we can't bring back vision that's lost, we can certainly treat it. And the only way that we can treat it, the only modifiable risk factor is eye pressure. So there are number of ways to do that.

Usually, we start with eye drops. They're topical eye drops. Patients place them in their eye daily. Another option is certain types of treatment modalities for certain types of glaucoma to help open up the drainage system and allow for the pressure to lower. And then ultimately, of course, there is surgery that we can do. Now, one doesn't have to necessarily wait until they're very advanced to get surgery.

Oftentimes, patients want to get off the drops and go straight to surgery. And the horizon for glaucoma is really exciting. There are a lot of new technologies and new treatments coming out that are going to really help our patients.