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Acuity Eye Specialists' and Retina Institute’s Michael Davis, MD was honored to attend the annual American Medical Association (AMA) meeting in Chicago, Illinois, as a Delegate for the American Society of Retina Specialists. Dr. Davis, along with other medical professionals in a wide variety of fields, discussed and established policy on medical, health, professional, and governance matters within AMA.

The American Medical Association strives towards creating the best possible outcomes for patients in the sustainable physician practice arena. The event went on from Friday, June 9th to Wednesday, June 14th, 2017.

Issues discussed this year included:

• Physicians’ role in social media and patient communication. 
• The best way to respond to our nation’s opioid epidemic
• Ways of combating professional burnout, including harnessing mindfulness techniques
• Health policy and intersectionality, including roles in minority and LGBTQ communities

Another major topic of discussion was the American Health Care Act, new legislation recently passed in the House that repeals and replaces key components of the Affordable Care Act. While its future is uncertain, its impact on patients, providers, and insurance companies would be significant. 

"I was proud to once again represent the American Society of Retina Specialists as a Delegate," Dr. Davis said. "It is my hope that my contributions lead to the best possible outcomes for patients and physicians alike."