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Los Angeles, Calif. () - 

Acuity Eye Group, spanning over 40 ophthalmology and retina clinics, four surgery centers, and one LASIK center throughout Southern California, announced an agreement to acquire Dr. Steven Steinschriber’s ophthalmology practice as they expand their services in the Greater Los Angeles area. The transaction closed on October 16th. Financial terms were not disclosed.

This acquisition enhances Acuity Eye Group’s ability to provide quality eye care and meet the growing needs of patients in the Greater Los Angeles area.

"My team and I are very excited," said Dr. Steinschriber, whose practice has been established in Downtown Los Angeles for years. “Acuity Eye Group is a fantastic organization with a great track record and enormous potential for growth. This acquisition will enable us to grow our practice and develop efficiencies while still making quality patient care to those in our community our top priority.”

“This acquisition is a tremendous gain for us,” said Dr. Tom Chang, Chief Executive Officer of Acuity Eye Group. “Dr. Steinschriber’s practice has a fantastic reputation in the community and we’re thrilled to have him as part of our organization.”

Acuity Eye Group and Dr. Steinschriber are steadfast in their commitment to providing patients access to industry-leading research and state-of-the-art technology, as well as access to effective business support services that streamline and improve the patient experience. As a member of Acuity Eye Group, Dr. Steinschriber and the other members of this organization cooperate in clinician and staff development opportunities designed to enhance the patient experience, and better support the doctor/patient relationship.