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Our Clinical Leadership team is made up of 20 physicians who mentor our other doctors and drive the culture in clinic.

Tarek Alasil Retina Specialist of Acuity Eye Group

Tarek Alasil, MD

Retina Surgeon

San Diego Ophthalmologist Nick Binder of Acuity Eye Group

Nick Binder, MD


Orange County Cataract Surgeon Jessica Boeckmann, Acuity Eye Group

Jessica Boeckmann, MD

General Ophthalmologist & Cataract Surgeon

Headshot of Acuity Eye Group co-founder Tom Chang MD smiling on a grey background

Tom Chang, MD

Co-Chief Executive Officer, Founder & Retina Surgeon

anuj chawla retina specialist of acuity eye group in bakersfield

Anuj Chawla, MD

Retina Surgeon

Los Angeles County Glaucoma Specialist Brian Chen of Acuity Eye Group

Brian Chen, MD

Ophthalmologist & Glaucoma Specialist

Orange County Retina Specialist Anthony Culotta of Acuity Eye Group

Anthony Culotta, MD

Medical Retina

Michael Davis, retina specialist at Acuity Eye Group

Michael Davis, MD

Retina Surgeon, Fellowship Educational Director

Steven Fish Cataract and Glaucoma Specialist

Steven Fish, MD


Heidrun Gollogly, Ophthalmologist of Acuity Eye Group

Heidrun Gollogly, MD


Kweku Grant-Acquah of Acuity Eye Group

Kweku-Grant Acquah, MD

Cataract & Pediatric Surgeon, General Ophthalmologist

Sanjeev Grewal, Ophthalmologist of Acuity Eye Group

Sanjeev Grewal, MD

Cataract & Cornea Surgeon, General Ophthalmologist

Photo of Joshua Morrison-Reyes, MD Ophthalmologist

Joshua Morrison-Reyes, MD

Retina Surgeon

Morgan Renner, Acuity Eye Group ophthalmologist and glaucoma specialist

Morgan Renner, MD

Ophthalmologist, Cataract Surgeon & Glaucoma Specialist

Headshot of Acuity Eye Group co-founder Michael Samuel smiling on a grey background

Michael Samuel, MD

Co-Chief Executive Officer, Chief Medical Director & Retina Surgeon

Joel Solano Ophthalmologist in Palm Desert at Acuity Eye Group

Joel Solano, MD

Cataract, Cornea, & Glaucoma Surgeon, General Ophthalmologist

Headshot of Acuity Eye Group Retina Specialist Kevin Suk

Kevin Suk, MD

Retina Surgeon

Dr. Reid Wainess Ophthalmologist

Reid Wainness, MD

Cataract Surgeon, General Ophthalmologist