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Here For You When You Need Us Most

COVID-19 continues to impact our lives in many ways; at Acuity Eye Group, it’s also impacted the way we practice. At this time, we are focused on treating urgent and emergency patients; this way, we can preserve valuable medical supplies for those on the frontlines of the pandemic, but still uphold our responsibility to prevent vision loss and ensure everyone has access to the vision care they need.

Ignoring an urgent eye issue is never a good idea, and can even lead to permanent vision loss in some cases. During a time where our urgent cares and emergency rooms are under increasing strain due to COVID-19, we encourage anyone experiencing an urgent eye issue to contact us at our 24/7 call center. This will ensure prompt and efficient care while still leaving our emergency facilities open to those who may need them the most.

Any of the following may be a sign of an urgent eye issue:

  • Vision loss or decreased vision
  • Burning or stinging in the eye
  • Different-sized pupils
  • Eye pain, which may occur with or without trauma
  • Floaters, flashers, or spots in vision
  • Light sensitivity
  • Redness in the eye
  • Bruising or bleeding in or around the eye
  • Discharge or pus from the eye
  • Severe itchiness
  • Foreign body sensation

According to a study done by NCBI, only 3% of patients treated in the Emergency Department for ophthalmic concerns are admitted. Depending on the eye condition, the emergency room may be the right choice for some patients, but not the best place for many others. However, if you feel that your vision or health is at immediate risk, please dial 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.