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Category: Acuity 360

Dr. Reid Wainess offers an overview of Acuity 360 and the way it bridges the gaps of access for many in need of eye exams while ensuring those who need treatment get the timely treatment they need.

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♪ [music] ♪ Hello, I'm Dr. Reid Wainess. I'm going to talk to you today about Acuity Eye Care 360. Acuity 360 is our newest venture that really brings technology the front of our eye care model. What we realize is patients don't have a great experience, and don't have a great way to get health screening exams for their eye diseases.

And we wanted to find a way to really identify patients who have preventative eye care needs. And really 6% or so of Americans are walking around with preventative causes of blindness that are getting missed because they're not coming in for eye exams. So, we wanted to break down those barriers and use technology to find a way to really help patients pick up these problems earlier, so we can prevent blindness for people.

What we realized is we really want to be able to separate patients out into two categories. People that are healthy and can be screened with technology every one to two years, and people who have diseases that need to be monitored more closely in the office. We also realized that each specialist within ophthalmology has very high-level, technology-based exams, but they only have the technology that's relevant to their specialty.

So, what we've done is we've taken all those pieces of technology from the different specialties, placed them in one center together, and made an efficient, fast, technology-based eye exam that you can get a full health screening in 15 minutes or less, and find out just as much information, if not more, than you can in a doctor's office. You can come in, and a technician will run you through the exams in about 15 minutes, you will have multiple exams at once, so you can have a screening of your cornea, screening of your interior chamber of your eye, which looks for things like glaucoma as well.

It can pick up tumors of the eye, can pick up blood clots in the eye, all sorts of different problems with retinal screening and glaucoma screening. We bundle those together and we have a doctor review it off-site and they can call you to tell you if there's any issues with your exam or not. If your eyes are healthy, you know can come in a year later, two years later, get another screening exam. Or if you have any preventative causes of blindness, you can come to the office and get those treated and prevent any future problems.

So, Acuity 360 really is a revolutionary way to change your eye care model. It makes the barriers to healthcare much lower. It makes it much easier to get an eye exam. You don't have to have your eyes dilated, you don't have to have eye drops, which are two of the things patients hate about coming to see us. And you can really pick up a lot of problems that you would otherwise miss. ♪

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