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Acuity Eye Group is pleased to announce the addition of Schultz Eye Clinic run by Dr. Gerald Schultz to its growing number of providers and clinics. Dr. Schultz has served patients in the Yucca Valley and Indio community for many years and will continue to provide comprehensive ophthalmology services at his practice post acquisition.

"I am very happy to join Acuity Eye Group" said Dr. Schultz. “I’ve known both Tom Chang and Mike Samuel for quite some time. It’s apparent that Acuity Eye Group is as a leader in the ophthalmology and retina space and provides high-quality services and support to both its doctors and its patients.”

“Acquiring practices owned by someone as well-respected as Gerald Schultz as well as being able to add an ophthalmology practice in Yucca Valley and expand our footprint in the Coachella Valley, is an exciting next step for us” said Dr. Michael Samuel of Acuity Eye Group.

Acuity Eye Group and Dr. Schultz are committed to providing patients access to industry-leading research and state-of-the-art technology, as well as access to effective business support services that streamline and improve the patient experience.